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In general though, it can be used escort rocky mount independientes the same recipes as a tasty alternative. striaght

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It's that simple. Their meaty rabbits are beautifully processed as striploins, fscorts, chops, ground, and more. Our dogs are running long and hard now, and although not trial ready, they are in excellent condition. The average lifespan of a dog is years. It's a platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights shrevepott quality answers. Up to date on shots and worming. Not gonna lie it is cold out here. Y'all I appreciate y'all giving me some updates.

Can she be your you're so silly? They're trying to get him out boston asian escort the avalanche. He's refusing new redhill escorts back page get out. She know we news reporter We got freedom to journalism. She knows she can't stop on that she.

They just got a blower. You can't see so they don't want you to see him get out in case they're shooting. He don't he door open. That's the only reason because that's not that's not a crime scene right there, She just don't want you there because you can get a full view of his truck.

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Oh, yeah. Yeah, Miss Grace and they got all the toys out here today. They're waiting on some action right there. Allegedly his arm, that's why they're being so cautious. They got a drone out here too. I know right Miss Smith just get out the car and keep it safe. Another update corner airline and see it right in front of the uh we have a dark looking for an ethnic palm beach avalanche Hispanic male driver um reports that we've got in was that he ran over some people was in a chase.

This is where they stopped him and this is where the standoff is. Why we're trying not to put out too much information because I see other people saying news station say he kill somebody on right now, there's been nothing confirmed um there's nobody out here really to speak to you. That's not uh. Here there's no cs out here right now. So what we can tell you is they have all this airline drive shut down traffic is gonna be crazy to get out of here um as you can see all business owners everybody's outside.

They have a full set I probably say, at least probably officers over at the regal cinema They have a drone nfw they have a sniper on top of their their toy tank. Talking to him, they snatched him out yet they talking to him. They ain't snatch him out yet. Are you talking to straigt It's gonna pull him out. They're gonna do everything they can not to shoot him in front of all. That's why they don't want you over there cuz that's not a crime scene. That's not an area that we can't be in. She don't want you to have that full view of brighton redhead escort so if they do at the shooting, that's the last thing they straiight on camera.

He's trying to get the door open. I can't get it all I see. There's a lot going on. There's a lot of police out here.

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I male escorts atl right miss Tracy look like this regardless about right. It's almost lunch time too. Y'all know it's a little bit harder to get information and poses they're not like Shreveport. They won't give us too much over here. Should be out here? Yeah, there should be a CR.

You want us to come. I know Y'all should go out there. It's bossier, though. Shreveport, you know we would already have somebody over here telling us all the details everything they don't want you to know nothing you gotta fight it out on your own. Yeah, most adult personals crawfordsville arkansas give him a chance.

But there's a lot of police out of state troopers and everything out here. Yeah, he he, He got the door open. Yeah, Miss Keisha. They won't let us go over to chase Bank. They already got that blocked off only because it's it's in. Is a little different man. Yeah, I tried to call him before I came over here. Timmy back in school. Y'all so funny, Timmy would have got in the car with a dude and gave us a full interview but Y'all see it leave my brother alone man bro trying to get another degree.

A little bit man y'all. It's too silly out here.

It's the only way you gonna get a better view is if you come out there and cross the line and go out there and cross it. Last girl that chase she ain't on live. Escodts more. Is it you come out and go there and chase It's about fifteen police officer over that's that's considered a scene so Y'all go to chase Bank. It's a reason she ain't live. I can't slow this down here. These two are right here are stopping us from going anywhere.

They wouldn't even let me stand right there if I can't can't stand right I know I can't stand over there. Cuz that ain't got nothing to straaight with the crime scene. Straihht all the people there They pushed back out of the parking lot and chase as police officers walking back to their vehicles now just remove all the people so I esckrts go over there.

You straigyt ain't gonna get no view. That's how escort anal dayton want it. They it. They don't want you to shreveportt a view. Come on y'all. You'll see how they got all the cars wrapped around obstructing most of the view they know how to do this. Um it's black, They ain't gonna give me taste. I'm from.

I know these people who don't play people out here for Shreveport Ain't never had any kind of just don't know. They don't like news reporters over here. You see she ain't in front of the sutton ut escorts. Look hew a seafood go and get em. I know right, Y'all want a better view Y'all pull up pull up right in the middle all that let me get in the car with you. Kay would have been sgraight good view They got the whole parking lot taped off.

Look she telling these people to back up and they in their place of business. The police let you get close, she own it boy she on top flight security today. Is she on it or anything to move she on it. She won't even let them get clothing they dhreveport their own parking lot. Do it? Yeah, they built this front row, so you can't see they know is aspen rae escort. It goes that way.

Mister Patrick, They won't let you fly a drone over crime scene plus you gotta go get a pilot's to five drone. We checked in all that we was gonna get a drone, we gotta have airspace clearance and all kind of stuff. It's a whole bunch of do the throne.

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Yeah, they probably could have been got out. Can't go to capital one y'all don't see all the police in the in the parking lot. Y'all don't see that they got capital one Chase Bank all that taking over. There's no going down there. You want me and you act like you wanna get in the police car Y'all chill out man.

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The police can have drone miss Y'all. Oh, you bugging the system. Fuck he trying to get somewhere man and call him to come on over Y'all mess up his appointment. Gas a dollar It's a dark ecsorts avalanche. How bad is traffic back to way past Interstate? I probably say by now it's probably back all the way up to Patricia Drive or even further this stand I've best escort baytown going for a little minute.

That that's. esvorts

Latest music

He shreveoprt got with the women. Yeah, Miss Kimberly, I can only imagine that's probably backed up on the other end Already Will's name too. Get you. I'm uh. The truck. Park I am. You can't even come in. And shit you know. Yeah, he's sitting in the truck with airline said. But but you do the um. Yeah, you're gonna be on one side. No, you won't be able to get tickets you have to come out. Love what you do so get on it.

Highway 80 West. The Just can't stop. Like to get out of the field. A little bit. Bring toys They bring out another thing, but they bringing another tank out for oh they ain't playing. They're bringing out another tank y'all. Hey, you know what? No miss Bridgette, Female escorts rancho cucamonga california can't move closer unless you wanna come out and escort.

That way you go to jail first. What's up you doing? I'm here. Hey, I'm just I'm out here because I'm an idiot in the newsroom uh that's why I'm out here. You can do shrfveport you're here shoot. It's cold man. I like the cold. Just Oh, so cute. Oh, they got women seeking nsa collierville snipers out. Oh lord. They're moving in on the trail now. I don't think we can syreveport that door open. Let him know she gonna get him over there.

Don't too far Jesse to the floor you better run. She don't want us over there for some reason. He can't he he trying to open it, but he can't. Go to the passenger side and let him come out this side. In there, Make it. Yeah, that's the problem if it's a if it's a baby in there. That's what the hold up here. No, he got the escirts. It's going to airline and road city. Yeah there's about fifty rifles on. And the guy in escorrts academy. What's your name Tony Fuck you Tony. I promise I can't get that out of my head ever since I've seen that video that dog and that deer.

Y'all might get y'all sneakers and get some popcorn like we're gonna be here for a little minute. I know right. Hey, Timmy send me that update I appreciate brother. Timmy just released the update, send that to me real quick brother, I appreciate it. And why I tried to esocrts you earlier to malr, let you know I was able to win. You can post an update in here if you want to in in the thing so everybody can see it.

I appreciate it esclrts me. Update police department Uh Are currently working on active incident and airline drive Misty Lane. There's a layer to a reported domestic dispute that occurred this morning, traffic or an airline drive has been shut down escort massage calgary East Texas and shed Road. Please avoid area sscorts that too.

I'm trying to get back to it went so fast. Got it. Oh, yeah, that that's who we needed to move we needed him to move. Yeah, we need to. Y'all need to move closer if Y'all want to y'all come out here get some bargain out here somewhere. You know. In the back seat, you can see it moving so it's somebody else in straght, he says. It's a girl a baby what they say. There you go.

That's why they're taking their time with this baby now. Hey, Huh. Yeah man they got Yup yes ma'am. You got you got the whole thing sgraight you gotta amle up. I wouldn't be right here for I know right, I'll be able to get the camera and go up there and get some exclusive if I don't have.

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He's given commands right now. Yeah, the Black Black. They come here early. Ellis Here's my binoculars if you wanna get a better look of the lines or anything. That's a. I'm sorry you said. You have to cut the whole have. See he ain't Let me walk through here. He ain't letting you get all that close as beautiful lady seeking friendship detroit as you move, he get he own it.

It depends on what he come up. Man they got so many guns pointed to him right now. Bringing it man. Is it? Alright guys. Here come here come the tank thing. I know they go pull that door off. Yup They snatch the door They got they tired of playing when they snatch the door off. Oh and I brought in a little tank ,ale a little grip thing on it.

We're going around to the left side of the car. Driver side he coming to the driver side right now. Straigt the This weekend. It's the warm up. Also, Yeah, right now we're selling for you can see if you can look.

They come out we're. I don't. All right.

The Now, I know they're going to be some of them, police cars shrrveport even atraight him get to that side. In the way you I take it I don't like in the back I don't. He's new to see your hands. Open up the door, Please thank you. I don't know. Oh my god. And keeps picking a gun and put it back down. They keep telling they keep your hands up.

We can see him. On their way, Well got all kind of little gidget toys. So he just changed magazine inside of his gun. There you go right there straigh a little snatch the whole of it and they got guns everywhere, pointing in I escort service phone number know what you see that they brought in the world.

They're raping the they're. Excorts on hold on you better. Y'all in school trying to get the sfraight and thrown out there. Get out. Come on. I toss the Yeah, right now they're actually shgeveport right off the truck right over here. We're gonna set the camera away right now. You don't wanna air that online so the accuracy that they try to get at the door right off the truck and try to get this man out.

We don't if he's armed, he strzight know where he has inside the bar. Police are working to get to be in this together so we'll be out here monitoring the situation. Be sure to check us out at K dot com and on our news twelve app reporting live from the emoji City. Well, You can shoot this you. Oh, Out Oh hey. They they ripped the side door.

They ripped it, They are and knocked the door off. Just told him the door is open get out. Rob I do it you cash at me from ten grand right now that way I can bond out cash at me. I got you walk out though. I don't know what I don't know uh a baby. Yeah, Bryce, I gotta have my money man. I know come over sissy escort lexington close to nobody else video Love Shreveport. That's what it is. I heard heard him say Roberts and I'm assuming that's part.

I guess his name he's. No not my boy No0 wow. Oh man. I can't see what's mape. That's what yeah they don't rip the whole. They got two drones on man. Drones we can put above the strakght red lights uh huh. Start loading up the back. They don't let you out. I don't know if you can see but there is. He said. Okay, Just let us know. What time what time? Just gonna lay him back. Not to get out of this parking lot for an hour I will miss Vicky appreciate it.

I will be late for me and. We have a lady. We're here to be here. Yeah, I was gonna say that. Did you see that thing you can't do and then the. maale

Trying to get him to come out the passenger side they've took the passenger door off they use like a tank thing to go up and pull it out. I said early. He's out. He got out of car he's out. Yeah, right now it's still here in the right behind me, he's actually almost out of the car. He's taking the door off of the back in come out peacefully the it does have a right now.

How All right You're on the road at the intersection so you find another route that you've said that for a while prostitution rowlett mugshots as they still work on this message because right now to the circle, K and the standoff and a man with Roberts and we haven't heard the full name and they say in that he hasn't put his hands up begging him to put his hands up for now we have in here and several officers all around well right here on.

And now we're still gonna launch it and try our best to figure out what's going on big breast escort wolverhampton all the information you can you can call on P dot com and our news for now as they get everything together. Looks like. Ready That'll be on something.

The Okay.