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To take part in the debate simply fill in the form on the right. A selection of your comments will appear below. For African culture it seeikng immoral but from my point of view it isn't totally immoral; in case that older man is still single and loves you more than someone else.

Young women who date older men often find themselves in a suffocating existence. They become treated like children and looking for firm but absolutely no power in the tnat. It is only weak and controlling men who date women who are considerably younger than them.

Love knows no limits and neither does age affect it! It suffices only for the older man and young woman to have found love, and they shall together enjoy the relationship like any other couple. Back home in Cameroon, young girls only use the older men for financial security and as for the men; to savour good sex from their young partners!

Seeking that sexual shongaloo

It is not about the immoral aspect, in my opinion, when it comes to a relationship between a young girl and an older man. In a typical African setting it is mostly to do with the wealth of the man. Poverty and poor education is the main cause of these sickening relationships. As a Muslim there is nothing wrong with young girls getting married to older men and vice versa.

In my opinion it is good for a young woman to date older men. But any woman in Africa who has found herself in this stiuation is not with the man because she loves him, but just because she loves what he has. In business, where does age come into it? Love and dating is like any other business. One has the money; the other has the service. Age does not matter in the transactions.


Seeking that sexual shongaloo

It is absolutely wrong for any young girl to date an old man, despite the situation she finds herself in. Let her find another option to solve the problem. It is not immoral for young girls to date much older men, sexula nowadays most young ladies are after money and not real love.

A lot of old men have been left crying once their business empires collapsed and these young ladies vanished like mist into thin air. It is not wrong at all for young women to date older men. The women want stable partners. Young men are jumpy and have more than one partner. The older russian escort new lafayette are more caring, financially stable and psychologically mature.

Older men have experience in love matters and know how to handle women socially, psychologically and emotionally. The African social setting demands that there should be mutual respect between the young and old. Older members in society should consider younger members as their children and seek to bring them up by being good examples whereas the younger should look at the older as parents and respect them while keeping away from adult issues such as money and sex.

A sense of responsibility should guide both young and old and this will go a long way into solving the unhealthy relationships between younger women and older men. It is a deceptive relationship and whoever gets into it, whether young or oldis in the wrong. It is quite outrageous for young girls in the African tradition to even propose a love affair to someone their own age!

Then, how permissible will it be for such a young girl to date an old man?

Seeking that sexual shongaloo

But is there an alternative in the current westernized "global" society? The moral breath of our African settings has completely exceeded the threshold! God should save us.

Seeking that sexual shongaloo

First who said it is wrong for a young women to date older men? Is it your imagination or what? You said dating but not getting married, which means young ladies getting married to older men is right.

Seeking that sexual shongaloo

Any way, it is not written anywhere that dating sexhal men or women is wrong if you love each other. First, take note of prominent people in the world who have broken the rule if it's there and find out why they have done that.


Please may they have better reasons for that because petra escort burnaby has condemned them so seeoing. Most of the time the young girls are victims of poverty and these shongaloi men take advantage of the scenario to lure innocent girls with their money. However, it is utterly seekimg for young girls to blame their seekin on poverty. Whilst I think there is nothing wrong with a younger woman and I mean woman dating an older man, I do take exception to the nauseous term 'sugar daddy'.

Men who prey on young girls essentially for sexual favours in return for gifts should be given a completely different nomenclature. Paedophile springs des moines iowa county personals mind. Lets be clear that the basis for this 'relationship' is purely monetary on the girls part, and largely sexual on the mans. By wrapping this up in the sugar coating of 'sugar daddy' we are normalising what is essentially a criminal relationship.

I have been with my partner who is 17 years older than me for nearly 28 years. Of course a young woman as I was when we met can date and grow old with an older man, I am living proof, but lets not kid ourselves that 'sugar daddies' are anything other than a predatory menace. The morality or otherwise of the older man dating young girls lies in the motive behind the said action.

If it is for sex only, seuxal should be seen as immoral, but if it is for marriage, then there is nothing wrong with that. My mother married my father when she was 20 and my father was 50 years old.

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It's all about money and security. Some think that old men have a lot of experience in relationships and once they are in it they can't be let down whatsoever. It is hard for young ladies to trust young men since they are financially down and still have very shongqloo things to accomplish in life. Thus they resort to old men, but ironically they flirt with them secretly since they don't want to lower their dignity.

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Morally I think it's not right for young girls to date older men, because most of the young girls dating older men know that the men are married with a family. They sometimes go into these relationships to break up the homes. There are good biological reasons shonglaoo younger women to date older men and younger men to date older women. Young men reach their maximum sexual ability in their early 20s, at a time when they are frustrated by horny single women near woodbury lack of finances and willing females.

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They are not usually ready to care for children at this time. Women achieve this in their late 30s and 40s at a time when they have had children and their husbands abilities are on the wane. Thaf there should be no problem with them hooking up. On the other hand an older man who is comfortable financially and trying to regain his youth can go out with a trophy younger lady who may be more interested menominee mi adult personals his money.

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There should be a caveat on those below the legal age of consent or marriage. It is not immoral for young girls to date sexuzl men. What is the age gap - ten years, fifteen years or twenty years? In fact such relationships are driven by maturity and understanding; at least for the ones that I have observed. The ladies enjoy these relationships as at times their older men allow them to mix go with their age mates to parties and such events That mix makes the ladies feel like flying.

Just listen to some of our FM radio stations in Kenya and you will accept the reality. Especially in Nairobi where the cost of living keeps shooting up every week. To lady students, the working class mostly older holly kelowna escort are ATMs automated teller machines. In fact eden prairie escorts south kensington older men friends are called ATM's by the lady students girlfriends.

However seekinb is supposed to take care of the ladies? The men. And not their age mates as the ladies of today are kilometers ahead of their age mates in terms of biological growth and social maturity. It's very wrong, these young girls are children to these older men.

Biblically it's wrong. I can't see anything wrong thah it. If a lady decides to mary an older person than herself, it's a matter of personal choice. First who said it's wrong for a young women to date older men? Is it by your imagination or what? You said dating but not getting maried which means young ladies getting married to older men is right.

Anyway, it's not written anywhere that dating older men or women is wrong if you love each other. First take note of prominent people in the world who have broken shoongaloo rule if it's thereand indonesian prostitutes in perth out why they have done that.

Perhaps they have better reasons for that because nobody has condemned eexual so far. It is a euphemistic statement to question "Is it immoral for young girls to date older men?

Some of the ladies give excuses that it is for security, but much more for the thickness of their purse. Indeed, most of these relationships are merely infatuation geared towards one single goal which is money.

It is not immoral to date older men because after all age is just a and doesn't change anything. It is not immoral for young women to date older men, for most people always use to say love is blind, but indeed the cause to this problem is poverty which is dominating most African families, so dating old men is just to gain financial assistance to support their poor families.

I say this because I've not seen any young woman dating a poor old man but they just rush to the rich ones. There is nothing wrong with it. I strongly believe that it is good to be an old man's darling rather than a young man's slave. What should a girl do if young men of their age do not propose love to them? A little difference in age is not a problem, but what inverness prostitutes are discussing is not a matter of slight numerical difference.