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Something went wrong. Please try your request again later. Kindle Edition. Next. Books By Kendall Ryan. This scorching hot standalone includes a FREE bonus book download just for you! Link in the back. Chinchil,a was amazing! This is just a job, a role I play to earn a paycheck. Not once in six years.

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And then I meet Elle. But what will happen when she finds out who Cyinchilla really am? Other Formats: Audible AudiobookPaperback. It must be read! How can I resist when the sexual sparks zapping between us set me on fire? The need to control, and claim her force my walls to come tumbling down, but when she learns about my dirty little secret, will my world come transexual escorts paris down with it?

A lonely librarian desperate to experience the kind of passion she's only read about in her favorite literary classics. One handsome stranger with a tragic past. A chance meeting that will change their course of their lives forever.

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It is a sneak-preview, plus bonus content including a prologue not found in the book, and a special note from the author. Other Formats: Audible Audiobook. Baby Daddy 27 Feb, We met in a trapped elevator. Emmett was on his way to work, sophisticated and handsome in his tailored suit and tie.

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I was on my way to the sperm bank. Awkward, right? And I was ready to take matters into my own hands to make it happen. After our ill-fated elevator encounter, Emmett insisted on taking me to dinner—he also insisted on something else—that Crossdressing escort omaha ditch my plan involving a turkey baster and let him do the job.

He would be my baby daddy.

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He was a wealthy and powerful CEO with little interest in diapers or playdates. But once his baby was inside me, it was like a switch had fuck buddy in taupo flipped, and I got a whole lot more than I ever bargained for. This full-length standalone contains a hot, swoonworthy hero, lots of playful banter and some hot baby-making! Other Formats: Paperback. Junk Mail 23 Apr, It all started with a chknchilla selfie.

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Texted to the personals charlotte. Not my finest moment—but I have nothing to be ashamed of. She thought I was no better, and I quote, than the knuckle-dragging douche-bags she was never dating again. The following day, my case of mistaken identity came back to bite me in the banana. When I strolled into the office, I was introduced to Peyton as the new client I needed to win over.

The Peytonin case you're not tracking. Oh yeah. And the best part? She hated me on sight. Dear God, do I love a challenge. Let the games begin. My teammate's incredibly sweet and gorgeous younger sister should have been off-limits, but my hockey stick didn't get that memo.

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After our team won the championship, and plenty of alcohol, our flirting turned physical and I took her to bed. Shame escorts norwalk ct her running the next morning from our catastrophic mistake. If you like sexy, confident men who know how to handle a stick on and off the iceand smart women who are strong enough to keep all those big egos in check, this series of athlete romances is perfect for you!

Only chincjilla Tonight 7 Jan, So when our worlds collide, I never expected him to be the one to jump in and save me. Especially not when my roommate disappears, leaving me with her baby. With six nieces and nephews and an apparent hero complex, the dude is both sexy and more than capable. Penthouse Prince 1 Sep, We did everything together.

He taught me how to throw a punch, how to change a tire…and he taught me how to kiss. I fell hard and fast, and gave him all my firsts. He took his fancy business degree and moved to New York City, where he promptly became a real estate mogul—turning every penthouse and apartment project he touched into gold. Guess who he wants to watch her? Wolfie Cox is. And incredibly sexy. Actually, that might be chinchills insult to the chinchilla community.

So, naturally, I want to ride him like a bicycle. He thinks I hate him. A good girl. Oh, and completely panicked about an upcoming work conference.

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I say thanks, but no thanks. Surprisingly, Wolfie is unflinching about this.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk. But with Wolfie and me sharing a chinchilal bed, things get confusing quickly. This is book two in the Frisky Business series, but each book can be read as a complete standalone. Bro Code 1 May, From New York Times bestselling author Kendall Ryan comes a flirty new standalone about falling for your older brother's best friend. And escort boston lincs off-limits.

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Falling for her could ruin everything. I may have broken the bro code when I fell for Ava. But do I have the balls to handle what comes next? At least that's my plan this V-day… Note: This is a hot and steamy standalone novelette. Escortw blunt, knows-what-she-wants heroine who picks through his self-defense. No cheating. Low angst. And a sweet, melty HEA.

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The first time we met was at a party. Your ex arrived to show off the person he'd left you for last month, and you asked me to pretend to be your date. I was more than happy to help. You were attractive, smart and witty--and that kiss we shared?

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It left me wanting you for days. You promised to be professional. I did no such thing.

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The late nights and intense study sessions spent alongside you majorly throw me off my game. I want you, and I fight with myself daily over this fact.

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I know I'm crass, that my sexual innuendos and dirty mouth annoy you, but I live for those two bright spots of color in your cheeks. If that's the only reaction I can get out of you, I'll gladly take it.

You hate Mondays so every Monday I slip an anonymous poem into your bag and your smile gets me through chinchilpa week. I think I'm falling for you, and I know it's wrong. I know that I'm only supposed to be the adviser to your program and nothing more, but here's the thing. I think you're falling for me too. bold personals

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