The spouses of H-1B visa holders called the shelters and domestic violence programs because they felt trapped. The right to stay in the country. Another was rarely allowed out of seking house alone. The women spoke of extreme isolation, threats of deportation, forced sexual encounters.

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The spouses of H-1B visa holders called the shelters and domestic violence programs because they felt trapped. The right to stay in the country.

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Another was rarely allowed out of the house alone. The women spoke of extreme isolation, threats of deportation, forced sexual encounters. And seekin their spouse was arrested, where would that leave them? I was new to this country.

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If I tell you to arrest him, how will I survive here? Some of those escort maitland centrale to H-1B visa holders gained a glimmer of financial independence when the Obama administration created a work permit program for them in But now, in the name of protecting American jobs, the Trump administration is working on plans to unravel that program. AboutH-4 visa holders have applied for a work permit since Domestic abuse counselors and immigration lawyers in particular worry about how eliminating this program will reinforce the power that H-1B holders have over their spouses.

A woman seeking h

When she came to the U. She called the police a few times, wooman said, but with no money of her own and no Social Securityshe never pressed charges. She felt there was no choice but to keep quiet, tucked away in her quiet East Bay neighborhood, thousands of miles away from her family in India. The work-permit program was introduced shortly after Nisha came to the country in j While being able to best escort girls in hull work may not stop the initial abuse, it gives H-4 visa holders — the majority of whom are Indian women — the opportunity to gain some independence and an identity of their own, said immigration lawyer Kalpana Peddibhotla.

The work authorization, she said, potentially gives spouses co-workers and friends to confide in. H-1B visas are often used by Silicon Valley companies to hire high-skilled immigrants. Several women who ly spoke to The Chronicle said the work authorization helped them regain confidence as they entered the work force.

A woman seeking h

One woman created her own day care, while others said they were interviewing at major tech companies such as Facebook and Salesforce. In some South Asian cultures, the idea of divorce is sseeking taboo that some H-4 visa holders would rather stay in an abusive relationship than endure the social shame, she said.

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She spoke of women who were highly successful in India, and then came to the U. Before moving to the U. For months, the Department of Homeland Security had said through court filings in a case challenging the permit program that it planned to propose a change to the H-4 b authorization program in June. But June came and went without news, leaving foreign workers and their spouses to anxiously wait.

The department did not respond directly to questions about the status of the H-4 work authorization. Critics of the H-4 work authorization say the program is a threat to American jobs, and the administration should not be able to create a work permit program escort argentinas en hoboken congressional approval.

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A work permit for abused nonimmigrant spouses was implemented last year. Peddibhotla said some of her clients could have seekig needing such a special permit if the H-4 had allowed them to work in the first place. Two years into living with her abusive husband in the U. The doctor recommended a local shelter, and Nisha later met Peddibhotla, who has advised her pro bono and helped her qualify for the seekung violence work hamden morgan escort. She then was able to get her own apartment through support received from the shelter.

Her son is starting to go to school and interact with other. As she waits for the divorce proceeding, however, the permit only gives her two years to figure out another visa status — such womam getting an H-1B of her own.

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The thought of going sekeing to India as a divorced woman and single mom, she said, is worse than enduring hardships in the U. But if she had been independent from the moment she got here, she said she would have had a way out from the beginning. Trisha Thadani is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer.

A woman seeking h

: tthadani sfchronicle. A version of this story misstated the position of Tejeswi Dodda at Narika.

A woman seeking h

She is an employee. The story has been altered to reflect this change. Back to Gallery Stuck in abusive relationships, deeking H-1B spouses seek A woman, who chooses to remain anonymous, shows a photo of herself before being married in India, inside of her home in Fremont, Calif.

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The woman known as "Nisha," is waiting for the divorce from her husband to be finalized. Nisha's husband brought her to America on an H-4 visa in Although Nisha earned a masters degree in technology, she is unable to work due to her immigration status and seeming she can return to her family in India.

A woman seeking h

Nisha expressed her concern for other women facing abuse who womwn not physically strong enough to survive. I can handle this, but I am worried about other women who can not," said Nisha.

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A woman, who chooses to remain anonymous, stands for a photo outside of her home in Fremont, Calif. The Trump administration is moving forward with a new rule to ban H-4 visa holders, who are overwhelmingly women from India, from working in the U.

A woman seeking h

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